ALBUM 2022

"Envision the version of yourself you want to become. Own up to your mistakes and weaknesses. Work with relentless determination to improve. That's the way to become stronger. That's the way to become your best self."


SKYE is an American singer, actress, businesswoman, and song and film creator. She is noted for her versatile music, powerful vocals, and philosophical ideologies. She is set to release her first album LIGHT  in 2022, where there are 12 songs with multiple genres and languages, that tell a story progressing throughout each song. She has been developing a book series and film Light Travelers along with her album where you can delve further into the storyline. “It's something that’s never been done before. There is a world, a story that you can follow through each of the songs. It will take you on a journey through poetry and literature, history and fantasy, love and life, time and space, and I hope to move your heart along the way.”

She started her Instagram account during covid to give inspiration during a time when everyone was in need of it and started modeling in December of 2020 for Maxim France. She has over a million followers, has done multiple fashion shows, has been on the cover of various magazines such as Maxim France, and has written for some of the top magazines in the world.


She is launching her lifestyle company Skye Thrive this year to simplify balancing your life and to help you to be happier, healthier, and fulfilled. It includes a self-help book, a 12-week fitness, and nutrition program, a wellness guide, and a journaling system to keep track of your progress. In addition, she created a book called 365 words to live by which includes 365 days of quotes and photos from her social media account which will soon be available on amazon.

SKYE is an activist for women and the LGBTQ+ community. She is involved with philanthropy for homelessness, environmental cleanup, and disaster relief. Her nonprofit Skye Foundation, aids in education access to teach business, wellness, STEM, and the arts to rural areas, the impoverished, and the homeless. It provides the development of schools, computers, smartphones with education apps, and cell service if applicable. She believes, "It is through education, that people can fully turn their lives around. With proper education, we can save lives, create peace, and make a better future for everyone."


You can follow her Instagram @skye.aurelia for more of her life, positivity, beautiful content, and release updates.