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6 Steps to Find Your True Purpose in Life

1. Visualize what you would do in your ideal life

Think of what activities you are passionate about and what you would do if you couldn't fail

2. Experience as many new interests as you can

Try as many new activities as you can because through trial and error you will inevitably find something you truly love

3. Think of how the world could benefit by your passion

What makes you feel like you are making a difference to the people around you? Ask yourself, "What gift do I have to help others?"

4. Make what you do original to who you are

It's fine to be inspired but never just copy ideas. No One great ever simply followed the mold. We are unique and it is our job to share our individual light with the world.

5. Find a way to make you dream lucrative

There are may way to make money in every industry. Look at how others have succeeded at monetizing a similar passion. Think of how you can turn your hobby into a career.

6. Don't allow procrastination, what others think, or doubt that you won't be good enough prevent you from reaching your dreams

Having passion and hard work will take you farther than talent ever will. Think anything in the world is possible and define what you dream looks like to you.

I always think “how can I thrive instead of survive?” “How can the dream, the purpose I continue forward with, become reality?” There are times where you will have tons of motivation, feel strong and capable. There are times where you will feel out-of-control and weak-willed. In those moments, see that there’s a light that can pull you ever forward. Know there’s something your life can be made of, that all of the difficulties faced will ultimately make you feel alive and more courageous than you’ve ever been. No matter what happens, carry the will to continue forward with hope for the next day.

When you’re wanting to find your true self, you’ve got to stay grounded by focusing on your heart. Listen to the truth, the essence of your own values and motivations. When you can’t find a way forward and you’re searching for meaning, a dream of your own, I hope these steps can help you to see your own value, your own purpose in this life. Remember, there is always something you can do. Just don’t give up and have faith you will find a direction you can be proud of.

With light and love.

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